Quantum Force, spearheaded by BHUPENDRA has built a unique, magical and entertaining path based on his 25 years of research and coaching experience. His easy tools and techniques allow you to open multiple avenues for your life and be an inspiration to the whole world.

Our mission is to help you achieve success in career, relationships, health while maintaining a positive balance in your lives.

Format of programs

Bhupendraz Quantum Force provides leadership trainings to Corporates, Professionals, Students and Aspiring Individuals world over.

Programs can be customised to the requirements of the individual group which can range from a few hours key note to a 3-day program. It is for individuals, Students, businesses and Corporates from all kinds of social, political and economic background

The programs are conducted by Soul Foundation in collaboration with partner organisations in the local region, who need to facilitate the location and other arrangements. The financials can be discussed on a case by case basis. Certification is provided by us.

For students and professionals being from academic background, we propose a specific 6-hour introductory workshop with fun filled activities and practical implementations that can be applied to real life situations.This can be conducted online

Tools and Techniques

Trainings a combination of spirituality and modern business tactics, which help you succeed, because everyone is today’s time, more than ever before, is seeking a sense of purpose and fulfilment in life.

The tools equip you to understand how to take responsibility for your own destiny

Design thinking

Non- Verbal communication

Tailor your mind for growth

Expected Outcomes

Start choosing the thoughts, words and actions to be in a state of mind, conducive to leading a balanced life.

Emerge as leaders in most areas of their life.

Leadership here refers to the skills to take charge of your life, your situations and creating a path for others to follow.

Using the Five-Fold model for leadership, developed by Bhupendra after a lot of research and application throughout the world, anyone who aspires to transform their lives with focus can break all kinds of negative conditioning in minimum time.


These tools are research based and meant to create permanent and proven growth and transformation in the thinking process, developed by a person who has been also associated with some of the most reputed educational organisations of the world like Harvard, Cambridge, and Stanford.

These are not only motivational talks but solid scientific techniques to with result orientation in your performance, creativity and quality of thoughts.