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What leads to mental health and well being:

If you think you have an incurable disease, you are right. If you think your problem is curable, then you are also right. It all depends on your intention and how your mind perceives the situation.

When you think about intention, what is intention? And how does intention play a role in well being? Intention plays a role when you think about how our thoughts & our emotions & our cognition influence our immune system & our endocrine system. And we know that this happens. We know that people who feel tremendous amount of stress for example have a diminished capacity in terms of their immune system functioning.it has been very well demonstrated that our belief system impacts how we behave & how we perform & it also effects our lifestyle. So if we don’t believe we can help ourselves, we probably cannot. If we don’t believe that positive information is useful to our health & wellbeing, it probably isn’t.Our thoughts create our body moment by moment, when we think positive thoughts, we release positive chemicals into our body. When we think negative thoughts we release negative chemicals in our body & those have a profound effect on how the cells behaving and how the nutrition is being used. The stress that people hold in their body has various patterns according to how we are thinking.

Life is not about experiences; it’s about the meaning we attach to them. One experience will be completely different for any two people simply because of the meaning they attach to it. And as we go through life, we attach meaning to everything. Those meanings turn into emotions, and ultimately, those emotions frame the life we live.

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