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The path to Financial Freedom

To start with, like all other aspects of life, money too is governed by our beliefs around it. So lets begin by evaluating, what is it that you define money or finances as and what are your goals around it?

Lets try to answer the following questions :

Financial freedom  for me means..

I believe money is..

My greatest financial worry at this point is…

If I had all the money I wanted, this is what my life would look like..

Limiting beliefs create a limited life and limited resources. your unconscious feelings about money may be keeping it away from you. Thoughts such as, Money is the root of all evil; Filthy rich; Money can’t buy you happiness; I am not one of those lucky ones; Rich people are greedy; which we hear and believe so often, reflect the negative patterns that we, as a society or community have about finances.

Living a life of financial freedom means you need to take care of your personal financials rather than treating them as an act of god. Beginning to do so would require you to tell the truth about your beliefs. These beliefs would determine how you shape your actions and unless you change them, your actions would unconsciously hold you back from the life you want.  What is money anyway? It is a tool to help you lead a decent life. And like any tool, it can be used for good or evil. it is not a measure of your talent or goodness. However, talking about money is normally an emotionally charged situation for most of us. 

Financial freedom means having enough side income so that you don’t have to work for a living. It does not mean that you actually stop working, but having this cushion, you can excel at whatever you are working at, freely and without stress, thus being able to generate more Income. Does it all sound like a dream? These kind of incomes would be generated for example from rent or investments. When this income exceeds your expenses, you are at peace. 

Once you have listed down all your beliefs about money, try and write them down into transformed ones like I have enough money to be generous, Money is a facilitator for me, I enjoy my money and I am grateful for the money that I have.

A reserve savings account is a cushion to protect you from life’s unanticipated yet unavoidable situations. It is to help you through the life’s tough times ,when you lose your job or have an accident. You may not be living in wealth and prosperity, but when you have an emergency savings account, you can get through these times without worrying about the money.

Having six months to two years of living expenses saved away gives you a tremendous mental advantage. You are much less likely to tolerate working with an annoying client or customer and more likely to put in place firm and clear boundaries. If you are desperate for money, you’ll be more likely to compromise your standards. You will be more likely to enforce your boundaries and maintain your standards if you know that in a worst-case scenario you can always quit and find a better job. A cash reserve savings account is the first strategies for wealth because of the peace of mind it provides – it helps you attract success by being more confident. 

All decisions should be made in a state of high energy and momentum; because if you truly want change, you need momentum to keep you going. In this state of mind you are going to make a specific decision regarding your finances.

Maybe your decision is to build an emergency fund within the next few months that will keep you financially secure should anything happen. Or maybe your decision is to increase your return by 3% within the next few months. Or maybe you want to change your emotions around money, so you no longer tense up when you look at your spending plan each month. Whatever your decision is, stop living in fear and start saving.

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