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Mind Mechanisms

One of the most important things to know about the mind and reality is the difference between thoughts and beliefs. The difference between a thought and a belief is that you may have hundreds of thoughts going through your mind but none of them have any power except those that are beliefs. A belief is a thought that is part of your reality, or accepted as the truth.


Mind is like a ball of energy and not restricted to a particular section of the body. What is there in the head is only the brain and mind is an energy field we are immersed in. What is called the mind, comprises 90% of sub-conscious mind and only 10% of it is conscious mind. What is astounding is that this sub- conscious mind is 6000 times more powerful than the conscious and ,dictates all our habits, thought patterns, emotions, feelings and ultimately our reality and destiny. The conscious mind contains all the logics, plans, strategies, actions, activities and things. It is in use when we are awake and the execution of all day to day activities happens from here. Whereas the subconscious mind is a storehouse of innumerable number of positive and negative files based on our past experiences. It is the warehouse of all our habits, programs or the way we will react to each stimulus based on these files. For example, all our fears and phobias are also programmed responses. They are very primitive in nature in the sense that unsupported by any logic most of the time.

So how does it all work?

There are filters in between there 2 sections of the mind and there is a particular way that information can flow from one section to the other, making it a belief and a permanent feature. It is that part of our mind which filters out the information being stored in our subconscious mind, as well as filters out the information we retrieve from our subconscious mind.This transfer of information can be either deliberate, planned or it can be unintentional when person is placed in a situation where the filters give way to the happenings around in the stimuli.

Parts of the mind:

  1. Conscious mind
  2. Critical filter of Conscious
  3. Critical filter of Sub conscious
  4. Sub conscious mind
  5. Deeper sub conscious or Primitive Mind

How thoughts become beliefs in the deeper level of minds.

All thoughts or repetitions in mind have to go through these sections and critical filters to become a part of our reality or our programming. At first any new thought or idea, is received by the conscious mind from the stimuli or external environment, the conscious mind will decide whether to process it further or not, based on its existing database.

The moment a thought enters the stimuli which is in the conscious mind, the conscious filter will give way to the thought to make it reach the critical conscious filter path. It will remain here for some time and try to retrieve familiar past information within the sub-conscious filter. All things familiar are friendly to the mind. It cannot distinguish between positive and negative. Anything, thought, experience repeated multiple times is perceived as desirable and irresistible for the mind and declared as “PLEASURE”. Similarly, everything unknown is “PAIN” for the mind and it tries to avoid it.

Here is an example of how a thought received through external stimuli can become a belief. For example, a person desperate to lose weight reads in a blog that having green tea is useless for shedding excess fat. The critical conscious filter will check what data is already there to support or dismiss this point. Whether own previous experiences have given him any pleasure or experiences of people in the close circle will be evaluated. Maybe he has tried it earlier with no visible results. Maybe the taste is to his dislike so he thinks it’s best to avoid it. All information related to this will be accessed and processed. All this in fraction of seconds to take a decision. Let’s assume the level of evaluation gives a sort of familiarity to go ahead with this statement.

The mind considers it as true or accepts it, it crosses the first filter, and moves towards the sub-conscious filter. At the sub conscious filter, it remains for a longer time up to few days, looking for more information and validation from the conscious mind to prove that it is actually the truth. If it gets some more and enough information to validate it within the next few days, the thought moves into sub conscious, however, a contradictory validation will throw it back out again.

In the subconscious, it is stored as a file, becomes a belief and starts directing our actions from the background. It cannot distinguish good from bad, positive from negative. Its job is only to follow instructions. So , in the above example, once enough data is accumulated to prove this point, it will become a file or a fact for that person and even though it may have some contribution towards weight loss, for this person it may not be useful at all.

Each minute, the human mind can process a maximum of 4000 inputs or message units either from self or the stimuli. These can be in the form of sound, images, words, thoughts etc. The mind constantly needs orders and work and if we don’t provide it with the inputs, it will start taking the same from the environment, external world, people or its own imagination from past information. In order to move a single hand, there is information being passed on for passing electricity, folding the elbow, engaging the fingers and so on,

Breaking the filters in an instant:

In a club or pub, where there are rock bands, huge noise and extremely strong moving lights, the input stream crosses the level of 4000 and makes it reach from 6K to 8K. At that level, the conscious filter breaks and a person cannot leave that place till the time the noise and other levels are stopped or come down. Initially that may seem irritating but they have no option but to enjoy that atmosphere. It is a method to break the conscious filter and approach the sub conscious directly.

When a person is deliberately taken to an altered state by a therapist, in order to bring about a positive shift in the thought patterns, the message frequency per minute needs to be maintained at 5000 to 6000 units consistently through building a rapport. This enables new ideas, affirmations and positive statements to directly reach at the sub conscious level to bring about tangible changes.

How Subconscious governs our behaviour:

Like we said earlier, all the files relating to past experiences are part of the sub- conscious mind. Any stimuli received within the conscious mind will activate a file within sub-conscious and the response will be governed by the past experience. Mind has ability to magnify whatever we focus on, or whatever is repeatedly affirmed inside whether it is painful or pleasurable. Mind clings on to the familiar and perceives it as absolutely essential for self. More and more energy is diverted to these kinds of thoughts and since everything in this universe is connected with energy, the thought has the ability to finally manifest itself. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep breaking all kinds of patterns in habits and being more flexible in approach.

Another part of mind is the Primitive Mind, which has all information stored about the past lives or ancestral lineage of actions and deeds or in other words the genetic programming of the individual. These deep-rooted patterns also govern our life patterns and are difficult but not impossible to change.

So, it follows that in order to start improving our lives, we need to remove the baggage of old thoughts, memories and unrequired stuff and start to fill it with new dreams, visions and values which serve our purpose for a better future. Take time to talk to the mind and tell it, what are your dreams and goals and request it to replace the thoughts as per your wish and desired life. Keep telling it until it believes you and becomes familiar with the piece of advice.



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