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The GAP between Need and Desire

There is a very thin gap between desire and need, but a world of difference when it comes to manifestation or fulfillment. There are thousands of desires in the mind of each person every day, every minute with each passing circumstance, but unless and until that converts into an actual need, there is a fractional chance that it may actually happen.

ONLY NEEDS GET FULFILLED. Desires are nice to have !


For example, At a given time we have at the back of our minds, various accomplishments, material as well as mental, that we would like to have in our life, but if the actual need at that moment is only to have a glass of water, then only that need, however small, will be completed. Until that moment, everything is only nice to have.

Unfulfilled and strong desires take up a place at the back of the mind and go on increasing irritation, frustration, depression and anxiety unless they are fulfilled, which requires action or momentum.

After a while desires, usually result in getting passed on to the next generation, in the form of expectations. People expect the same to be completed by their children. They want to live their lives through their children’s achievements and find fulfillment in showing those achievements to the world. Unknowingly, by such acts, we are going to put an undue pressure on the future generations, who have already come into this world with a life plan of their own, but are forced to choose directions based on the parents view of the world.


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