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Use FEAR to your advantage

It is a misconceived belief that fear and stress is harmful for the health. When transformed properly, it can be used for the benefit and for our progress and advantage. FEAR - if you evaluate deeply, is simply the stimulus that is propelling us to move forward to take action, lest we get stuck in our present situations and conditions!

There is fear of death, fear of failure, fear of certain eventualities, and even fear of success (Yes it is, can you believe it?)

There is, as we know, a darker and a lighter side to each emotion and to use it for our growth, we need to tap the lighter or the positive side, magnify it many folds, take advantage of it and ultimately transform the emotion into a useful state. Hence there wouldn’t be a need to run away or push away that emotion, but accept it completely.

The ultimate fear is the fear of death. How can it be advantageous? Of course it is the reason, that most people take care of their health, it is the reason that they go to the gym, spend millions on hiring fitness consultants and eat healthy food.

Fear is there to tell us that something needs to be fixed, it is a sign that we are in need of certain skills, to grow further in our goals and vision. Where there is fear, that is the exact situation which needs to be targeted and worked upon.

For example, if there is fear before a presentation, it implies there is more thorough and clear preparation to be done, to hone our skills from all angles so that the confidence increases.

Similarly, when there is stress,the physiological response is that there is heavier breathing, the lungs function harder and the heart pumps more blood and therefore oxygen inside itself, which infact clears the choked-up cholesterol and arteries and can stabilize a person suffering from heart disease. There is research in esteemed institutions like Harvard to prove it. There is some amount of stress needed to progress. It is not the fear, but the belief that fear is bad is killing us.

Phobia as opposed from fear is something that may need professional intervention to be dealt with, as it is a psychological condition where there is an extreme distortion of reality.

There is a need to identify the fears and inhibitions which stop one from moving ahead and not taking control of their own lives. When tackled properly, it is the reason to improve our confidence at the highest level without depending on chance.

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