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There are no final stages of any research in this world. People can claim that this is the end, or this is the last stage of research and you cannot go ahead.

There is always scope for further improvement, refinement and research. When we discovered cells, we assumed that they were the last level of matter. But further research revealed molecules, then atoms and finally that was the smallest particle known to man. Soon it was realized that atoms also can be broken down into smaller particles called electrons, neutrons and finally into photons. Photon is a beam particle which creates energy.

Energy always flows through the least resistance, which means that the lesser obstacles, the greater flow of energy, for eg water, it will flow where there is no resistance. It will flow where there is lesser resistance.

After the evolution of technology, human brain moved to a stage where they could move this energy towards the desired flow. For eg, electricity in a building. It is going through a channel which is useful for you as human being, or comfortable for you. It is not going through least resistance. After lot of research in the spiritual fraternity, they also found ways to move this energy intentionally, with awareness. Therefore, it follows, that energy flows where intention goes. There may be lot of obstacles in the completion of an objective, but if your intentions are powerful enough, then you can overcome all those obstacles and achieve whatever you want to achieve. It is a stage of mind overtaking matter.

Eventually you are controlling your energy. Everything is energy. Your existence and non-existence, both are energy. Your mind is your energy. Matter or physical appearance is energy in solid form, mind is an energy in liquid form. And in human case, liquid took control over solid. In all cases, whichever is more powerful will adopt the nature of the other. If your matter is more powerful, then your mind may adopt the nature of materialist things and you may feel helplessness. If your mind is more powerful then you can control matter.

There is an old anecdote about Jesus crossing a river where, with his mind, he created a path in the river and he could walk across with his followers. The difference between him and his followers was that the followers were controlled by the matter.

As a human being, we are carrying 3 intelligence within us. One is connected with the mind, one with the body and one with the soul. And there is a great deal of confusion between physicians and metaphysicians. Metaphysics says that you are a form of various form of awareness. Whereas the physicians say that you are just a form of matter. With a brain and body. To bridge this gap, religion came into being. Later religion only became the reason to expand this gap between Physics and Metaphysics.

An interesting method adopted by many a religious gurus ,who suggest various remedies to redeem others of their problems is as follows: When a person is told to donate something to cure a problem, unknowingly, with the belief, the follower is dividing that energy among other people and connecting with this solution. Without connection or belief, this result cannot be obtained and applying it blindly may lead to the worse, which it does in many cases, but the benefit of doubt is mostly attributed to some other reasons. Not suprisingly, this is a very well grounded technique, most likely the people suggesting it are also not aware about the reasons these things work in certain circumstances.

The reason is that every object has a vibration, an energy and an intelligence of its own. The key is to provide it with the right input to serve your purpose. To tell it, what you want it to do for you, to integrate in you and to help you in the manner you want it. A sweet may treat a diabetic person, if there is established a connection with the sweet, telling it to cure instead of do harm. But this must be accompanied by belief, for it is the belief in the harmful properties of sugar, that cause more damage than sugar itself.

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