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Survival in a difficult work environment

Careers are unpredictable and go through many kinds of changes. There is no single path or formula that works for everyone and no single strategy that can insure a perfect career.

Are you frustrated that you have not been able to take the vision of what you want and materialise it? Do you ever wonder why you are working so hard and still not attaining the achievement and satisfaction your efforts deserve?

These days, it seems that greater demands are being placed on our personal and professional lives than ever before, and many of us are struggling to stay afloat, let alone thrive. And a big reason why we continue to find ourselves stuck is that we are still trying to manage our lives with the same outdated conventions that our parents and grandparents used decades ago.

Are you a leader

We've been conditioned to think that to be a leader at work, you have to be in a position of power. But true leadership can come from anywhere. Because it's not your job title that allows for great leadership, it's the commitment to creating positive change in yourself and in others.

Whether senior manager or contract employee, if you want to become a true leader in the workplace, to come across as someone who has the ability to influence others to do more and contribute more, start here, by asking yourself if you possess these core qualities:

Emotional Fitness

Extraordinary leaders need to bring about certainty into uncertain environments. That doesn't mean that you have all the answers, but you do have the inner conviction that you can find the answer and people trust your decisions. Thus being emotionally fit and in and therefore in a readiness state is the key. Having a capacity for humor, curiosity, compassion and creativity in a stressful environment will grow your flexibility and emotional strength. What is required is a Vision in time of chaos.

Openness to growth

How do you react to criticism and setbacks?Are you constantly trying to hone and expand your skills?

Upgrading yourself is a key component of leadership, whether it means working on your communication tools, professional acumen, or trying something new altogether.True leaders understand their own capabilities and limitations, and use this insight to consistently challenge themselves to grow.


A true leader wants to redefine the possible: extract greater results form the same hours or minutes, cut through the clutter of to-dos and focus on the outputs rather than time spent. Because for a leader, there is no such thing as limited resources, there are only opportunities for innovation and self-realization

There is a big difference between hardwork and actual progress.

The biggest problem with to-do lists is that focusing only on what you need to get done does not guarantee that you're actually making any real progress. They do tend to keep your mind engaged and give you a sense of accomplishment for a short while,But have you ever crossed off everything on your list and still felt like you had not really reached anywhere.

We need to train our minds constantly to think in terms of real outputs and keep bringing it back on track from the peripherals. hardwork does pay off, but smart work makes you reach to higher levels sooner.

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