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Dr. Bhupendra leads by example as a prominent Entrepreneur, Investor, Trainer, Author, Speaker, Healer and Corporate Consultant. An internationally recognized peak performance strategist, for over 25 years, he has shown repeatedly that he has the skills, determination and resilience to succeed in any business environment.

His unwavering commitment to continued growth and learning – for himself and those he advises – has made him the preeminent results coach to CEOs, celebrities, Politicians and Industry leaders as well as for the common and under dominance areas of society. He converts high potential into ultimate performance.

With his extraordinary command over the nuances of human behavior, BHUPENDRA enables individuals and organizations by putting things into the right perspective. He helps achieve a fine balance between the way one thinks and acts; a gracious balance between the emotional and practical aspects of any state of affairs.

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Infinite Mind is a gift to all human beings.

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An entrepreneur, social reformer, trainer, speaker, investor and author, I have successfully launched many startups in India and Europe in a multitude of industries, including tech and non-profits.My purpose to spend years on this research isn’t limited to corporate solutions or to increase businesses, profits, revenues only, but it’s determined to transform this world into a paradise where growth of each individual/organization is ascertained as ultimate.

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When we look back, let this be the time when we found ourselves. We believe local talent needs nurturing. Hand-making quality goods is one of the best ways to be self sufficient. INDUSKARGHA is a cultural connoisseur following and highlighting the cultural evolution of various art forms tracing the roots back to the starting of civilisation which was Indus valley. The cultural roots of the modern society are related to these early civilisations which were highly advanced but were lost in between.

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Become an agent of change in these challenging times and take responsibility of your own life and that of your surroundings. It is vital in today's time. Dr. Bhupendra's years of research provides the necessary tools and enables us to identify our true power and intelligence to define our own success and victory. When you sign up for Life Series you get access to hundreds range of learnings based Dr. Bhupendra's decades of research that help take charge of all aspects of your life. Get a free 7-day trial today.

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Soul Foundation

Soul Foundation

The aim of the SOUL foundation is to serve every living being on this planet selflessly and continuously without any discrimination, to save this planet and to make it a beautiful place. Every human being, plant, animals and all living beings deserve to be happy and transform their life towards a better world. It seeks to empower through improving the skills, performance management, disaster management , natural resources management and providing education both normal and vocational and also focuses on spiritual development. The degree of exploitation and the challenge to future life on the planet call for nothing less than a radical shift for all concerned.

My Book - Coming Soon

Attaining a desired state of being requires one to understand the seven sacred, fundamental, hidden truths. The universal phenomena operate on multiple levels of our existence. In this book, Dr. Bhupendra talks about the seven hidden truths, which, when mastered, can enable one to transform their state of life. Get to read to his pearls of wisdom carefully, which are a result of centuries of research, passed on to him through his great masters, and now available for us all..

Seven Hidden Truths

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Every year I travel to various events across the globe, presenting talks on personal transformation, company culture, and unity. Speaking on stage is one of my most important platforms for raising consciousness. I’ve delivered keynotes with the likes of the Dalai Lama and Sir Richard Branson. For me, nothing quite compares to the exhilaration of being on stage, sharing an idea with the potential to elevate humanity.

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Dr. Bhupendra


Dr. BHUPENDRA has developed life and business mastery tools through his 25 years of research on metaphysics, quantum mechanics, life and management

He is associated with numerous organizations across the world. Some of them include:

  • Harvard Business School,
  • University of Cambridge
  • Stanford School of Business
  • International Federation of Coaching and NLP, U.K
  • International Coach Federation



With a combination of spirituality and modern business tactics, BHUPENDRA has developed a breakthrough technique that helps a person or organization focus on the tasks that are needed and eliminate the unwanted. After all, FOCUS is the only key to achieving any goal in life.

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Am Born To Rule focuses at drawing out a person’s highest potential by enablement and reflection rather than forcing external aims and knowledge upon them. It acts as a catalyst in achieving a fine balance between thinking and feeling in a way that transforms the passion for dreams into actions for life.



How often do we give up one dream to follow another? How often are we told that there is one and only one path that we can follow in our lives? What if we were limitless? What if we could create not one but many destinies? We are not defined by a single goal that we run after all our lives. BHUPENDRA leads by example. He wears numerous hats – an author, a speaker, a successful businessman, a coach, a social activist. A Life with Many Destinies leads you to an unimaginable world where you realize all your dreams.

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Everyone is today’s time, more than ever before, is seeking a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. Life in a bowl allows you to achieve that complete fulfillment in your life. Be it health, wealth or relationships.