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A mission to make life meaningful with joy, love, success, prosperity & passion

Who am I?

Born as: Bhupendra
By education and experience: Dr.Bhupendra

My thought…

Ideally, I would prefer a world without passports and borders and yet with plenty of local participation by the local people of each area, to enable a true culture of love and caring for our dear endangered mother Earth. Indian by birth, I grew up in various parts of the world, in and out of India.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Author
  • Social Reformer

The Present…

With regard to my current life situation, over the past few years, a strong inner call has motivated me to move out of my comfort zone and head out on the road to share tools which can help people deal with the strong vibratory shift the earth is currently experiencing. Meditative presence and a strong immune system are necessary today, in order to deal with the onslaught of physical, mental and emotional issues which are currently challenging people the world over.

Change is now accelerating very quickly, which has impelled me to commit to contributing in a more active way for the benefit of all. At the same time, I feel called to use this precious time to focus inward, to accelerate my own process of letting go, to further enable myself to be better prepared to help people on a more profound level. The bottom line, is that we have come to a point, where we will all have to adapt quickly to the monumental change.

What is important now…
Flexibility accompanied by a calm mind, as well as a high degree of life force energy, at this time, are important attributes to cultivate it. Thus the sharing of various training systems and holistic healing techniques in the SYSTEM OF ULTIMATE LIFE…

Soul System is the scientific invention of Dr. Bhupendra.

He leads by example as a prominent Entrepreneur, Investor, Trainer, Author, Speaker, Healer and Corporate Consultant. Also an internationally recognized peak performance strategist, for over 12 years, he has shown repeatedly that he has the skills, determination and resilience to succeed in any business environment. His unwavering commitment to continued growth and learning – for himself and those he advises – has made him the preeminent results coach to CEOs, celebrities, Politicians and Industry leaders as well as for the common and under dominance areas of society. He converts high potential into ultimate performance.

By acting as a catalyst, he helps evaluate objectively, the vision for personal and professional success, based on assessment of core values. Through his breakthrough techniques and mentoring, he has helped millions achieve challenging career objectives, improve personal and professional relationships, and find greater balance in life.

Leading to a heightened sense of self awareness, his techniques as a strategic results coach, allows strengths to be leveraged, your journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained.

His role of a change- facilitator, enables individuals and companies rework unwanted perspectives , patterns and old ways of thinking which serve no purpose for the achievements they are committed to.

With his extraordinary command over the nuances of human behavior, putting things into the right perspective, helps achieve a fine balance, between the way one thinks and acts, a gracious balance between the emotional and practical aspects of any state of affairs.

All of his seminars are high energy and interactive, experiential and can be custom-designed from an initial two hour keynote address to a multiple day training or retreat. The end result is nothing less than a radical shift in moral, a complete positive shift in career, attitude, relations, success and joyful abundance in life. His contribution as a strengths advisor and quantum results specialist is indispensible in today’s fast changing and unpredictable scenarios. Some of his high impact training programs are You are the Master, Am Born to Rule, Non Duality, DNA Reprogramming, Consciousness Re-installation, Cell memory Re-imprinting.

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