A Conscious Dreamweaver Concert


September 3, 2023
Radisson Blu, Dwarka, New Delhi

Experience a blend of science and spirituality like never before...

Empowering Artisans All profits from this conference will support rural artisans.

100% profits from this conference will support rural entrepreneurs. Dr. Bhupendra has been a constant supporter of new talent and innovation, and has funded several startups across the world. Being a constant supporter of native talent and the potential of micro entrepreneurs to make a difference, we believe in the power of community and creativity. Join us at this conference and be a part of a noble cause.

Every single rupee of profit earned will be devoted to empowering artisans and fostering their growth. It will help provide essential resources, skill development, and sustainable opportunities to artisans, enabling them to thrive and create a better future for themselves and their communities. SFAAI is not only a holistic initative, but an international movement to support and promote valuable yet dying ancient rural and tribal arts & crafts.

Certified artisans


Infinite consciousness is a gift to every human being. Through my research of 30 years, I have discovered that consciousness is the base of our existence. It is the environment in which our world exists.

Why would you care?
Because your level of consciousness determines the quality of your life. It is not just a subject for researchers or sages, but is a very pragmatic way to live a life of your dreams. Having spent years advising individuals, executives, institutions, small and large organizations, I realize that it has become a big challenge for human beings to evolve with artificial intelligence and machines.

Can you see the future, when machines gain consciousness? It is not too far when a machine will act like a human being. That’s not only a threat to human supremacy, but also a scary truth that human being is on the verge of extinction. How can you counter it? This is a race. Who will win this race? The one who is more agile, fast, more conscious, and visionary. One can simply do that with ultimate happiness and liberation by tapping into the higher level of consciousness, i.e. Expanded Consciousness.


See and feel how 8-hours can transform your life

What You’ll Receive

Spiritual tools to turn your
dreams into reality.
Attract ever-greater abundance in all areas of your life

Why It Works

Our programs are based on 'Expanded Consciousness' - A domain where you learn and experience how to live a life of your dreams

Who’s Presenting

Dr. Bhupendra - Researcher, Scientist, Philosopher. Founder of Circle of Consciousness & Happiness.

When & Where Will the Event Be Held?

Sunday, September 3rd,
2023 at Radisson Blu, Dwarka
New Delhi

Who Will Benefit from Attending?

Anyone who is ready to take
action to transform their life

What Does My Ticket Include?

8-Hour Pass & Digital Event Kit,
30-minute FREE consultation about your life and dreams, redeamable in the next one year


Why do thousands gather for this experience again and again?

Because this is the most transformative 8-hour event in the world!

After this life-changing weekend, you’ll:

  • 1 Believe in your ability to create a life you would love, in an energetic field of “Infinite Possibility”
  • 2 Rewire your subconscious mind to attract abundance using simple tools of “Spiritual Manifestation”.
  • 3 Unlock your intuition to clarify your exact next steps to a life of greater joy, love & purpose.
  • 4 Connect with hundreds of like-minded, positive people (many attendees make new best friends at our events!)
  • 5 Feel confident, empowered & unstoppable – and ready to demonstrate to others what’s possible.

Rs. 5499/- ($5000 Savings!)


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September 3, 2023


An Imersion with the Real Self where happiness and success are not a privilege, but your birthright.
  • Expanded consciousness, with different degrees and levels of pure consciousness.
  • Your external world is a projection of the world existing on the screen of your consciousness.
  • Consciousness is the element of which we are all made of. Once we know how to increase and expand our level of consciousness, we are instantly able to change our realities, almost like magic.


A unique combination of Scientific & Spiritual Techniques developed over 30 years.
  • Understand how the quality and level of your life today is directly proportional to the quality and level of your consciousness.
  • Guided by more than 30 years of rigorous study, application and testing to find the absolute best ways to provide lasting evolution in a stupid simple way.


What separates “dreamers” from "achievers". The Art and Science of creating an abundant future. A changing world requires conscious leadership that steers the world in the right direction.
  • Forster conscious leadership by cultivating higher consciousness in yourself, your teams and your families.

An important message from my heart to yours…

From: Dr. Bhupendra

Dear Soulful Seeker,

The present human life or any person’s health-wealth-relations are reflection of its level of Consciousness.

A single glance on the world news can be very disheartening. More and more opinion is suggesting a global recession. We are barely out of the distressing time with the pandemic. If you’re feeling stuck, confused, or find yourself in a dilemma of doubt & fear in the face of all this uncertainty, you’re not alone.

More people are plagued by mental health issues than ever before. During such transitory times, it is difficult to balance all aspects of ones life. It doesn’t help to find logical answers always, using only judgement and cognitive thinking. Most people compromise with their circumstances, waiting for better times….

Life is here to support us.When we align our actions with the Universal Laws that govern this reality…

There is a powerful and deeper connection between our internal state of being and our external experiences.

The foundation of our experiences and outcomes is not solely based on our thoughts, but on our degree of consciousness.

This expanded consciousness allows us to make wiser decisions, take more aligned actions, and ultimately establish the best possible outcomes in our lives. The truth lies in the understanding that the foundation of our experiences and outcomes is not solely based on our thoughts, but on our degree of consciousness.

Coherence is the optimum physiological state that underlies learning & performance facilitating the body’& natural regenerative processes. We always think of the information and the input system as being entirely in the brain, but we now discover that positive thinking alone is not enough, we need an expanded consciousness to explore our best possibilities Consciousness Conclave offers a set of unique and scientifically designed structures that provide the key to unlock your potential, talent, skills ambitions, desires and vision to accomplish anything, anywhere.

Life wants us to live our most abundant, expansive lives possible!


  • Looking for ways to take your life to the next level of success, including your career, relationships, health and time & money freedom.
  • Ready to get unstuck & confidently pursue your dreams.
  • Craving a life of more abundance, purpose, & soul-centered living.

Our mission is to assist individuals in manifesting their dreams by leveraging our scientifically designed spiritual model.

Our purpose is not only to assist you in evaluating your present level of consciousness but also to facilitate its enhancement.

By prioritizing the development of this foundational aspect, we equip individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to manifesting their dreams and cultivate lives filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Spirituality transcends the boundaries of temples and religious spaces; it is crucial to acknowledge it's significance into every individual's practical life. To achieve this, it is significant to present spirituality in a structured and scientific manner that can be incorporated into daily routines.

By cultivating focused attention, it enables us to observe and acknowledge our internal and external experiences. Embracing full presence entails being aware, alert, and actively aligning ourselves with each passing moment, living with passion and wholeheartedness in the present.

Yes! We will help you connect to your purpose and discover the dreams you’d love to pursue.